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7 Twitter Tips

from your fav celebrities to keep you going! 

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#1 Rev Run:

"If u put a small price on ur value.. rest assure that the world wont raise ur price!"

#2 Gucci Mane

#3 Tony Robbins

"You have to get stronger in this recession. Don't have the delusion that events control the way you  feel."

#4 MC Hammer

"Respect Women --... Have a great day ladies! We go "Beyond Daily Respect". we love, need and can't live without U!"

#5 Demi Moore

"There's no room 4 judgment it only creates separation & i'm pretty sure we R all equal in God's eyes. luv is luv in whatever form!"

# 6 YG

F*CK DOnald Trump!

& LAst but def. Not least 



Always RememberING TO Set GOAls, & Accomplish them!

Unsure how to style your fav Era Emporium or V'ERA look?

Ask Diamond!

She's got you !

Hey ladies! It’s me, Diamond sharing my thoughts to assist you in your Era-VERA purchases! 

This outfit is to die for! Ladies, this is perfect for a night out with the girls. The bralette gives this two piece set, the right amount of sexy. Especially, with the sequin detail to finish the look. These fired red floral printed pants are dramatized by the OH SO deep cut giving your legs the room to stride. This two piece pant set is of course great for a night out with the girls; but can also be simplified to a casual look, while still turning heads. If you want to know how I’ll simplify this sexy two piece pant set, ask me!


Era EMporium's Personal Stylist

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Era EMporium's certified Youtuber

Wanna See how an item fits on before you buy?

Ask Jamyla!

She's got you!

Jamyla Burkes, born in Alabama, raised in Vegas, attends Tuskegee University. Fashion to Jamyla is not only just article of clothing, but an art. "You can tell how a person feels by the way they dress. Basically, it is a way to express yourself, i a way words cannot." Jamyla chose to make YouTube videos to genuinely help others with daily life dilemmas, she once had problems with. If you have tips that work, why not share them with others? her channel includes hair and skin tips, as well as an example of living a positive lifestyle.

Click her photo to visit her channel!